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  • Tashan Johnson-Daniel

    Tashan Johnson-Daniel

  • Georgie Webb

    Georgie Webb

  • Paul David Mather

    Paul David Mather

  • Olivia Stamp

    Olivia Stamp

    Just trying to figure out how to do well, do good and be joyful all at the same time.

  • Doc Sharon

    Doc Sharon

    Sharon Livingston, Ph.D. author, speaker, therapist, coach trainer, marketing consultant, & head of TLC -The Livingston Center for Professional Coaching.

  • Pili Mayora

    Pili Mayora

  • Erika Jose

    Erika Jose

    Founder of Female Founder Club, former Startupbootcamp Entrepreneur-in-Residence (Ecommerce Amsterdam, 2019). Learn more at: www.privatlux.com

  • Amitpal Aujla

    Amitpal Aujla

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