Holly Health Beta Launch 🐦 🎉

The digital coach for lasting weight loss & disease prevention

What is Holly Health and what does the Holly service do?

Most of us live fast paced, high stress lives, with a lot of distraction. And many of us have in some ways lost touch with our body and brain, and what they really need to be healthy.

Holly Health’s service is designed to be the go-to tool for health optimisation, to improve quality of life, and prevent risk of future disease

We’ve just launched our beta service to the public. Learn more by reading on, or by visiting www.hollyhealth.io.

What are the outcomes?

There are 3 main reasons people turn to Holly Health.

There is such a huge difference between being alive, and having a disease free, positive quality of life.

Traditionally, we respond to excess weight with restrictive diets, short weight loss programs etc. But science tells us that fast weight loss leads to weight regain over 90% of the time. This is because the short term, high intensity changes we make are usually unsustainable, and when it’s time to stop them, we revert back to previous behaviours.

How does it work?

Long term health improvement with Holly Health is the result of following four simple steps:

Is this what you’ve been looking for?

To try Holly Health, visit our website (www.hollyhealth.io) where you can learn more, and join the beta waitlist. We’ll get you started as soon as possible 😎. We’re currently letting individuals onto the beta service on a free 3 month trial, in return for your feedback. However, spaces are filling fast, so move quickly to avoid missing out!


Startup advocate, part time triathlete & skydiver. Health tech enthusiast, based in London. Opinions are my own.

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